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SEGi University & College

University Campus Details :

The RM300 million flagship campus is a hallmark of private higher education in the country. Strategically located at a 10-acre site at Kota Damansara, the purpose-built campus has academic library, research and recreational facilities, providing a complete learning experience for students.

University Description :

Our University & Colleges

SEGi University and Colleges first opened its doors as Systematic College in 1977 in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s commercial district, offering globally recognised professional qualifications. Since then, SEGi has experienced significant growth by adapting and catering to an increasing demand for tertiary education and professional qualifications in Malaysia. Known as one of the largest private higher education providers in Malaysia, SEGi now serves 25,000 students in five major campuses located in Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Penang and Sarawak.


Today, the significance of climbing the career ladder in the industry is highly competitive, therefore SEGi now offers a new breakthrough method known as PACE or Professional and Continuing Education. SEGi PACE enables working adults to upgrade their qualification level whilst accommodating their work schedule, hence fulfilling work-life balance.

University More Details :


To be the premier regional higher education provider offering quality employability-based international programmes on accessible terms, delivered through the most innovative technologies and student-centric learning techniques.


 SEGi will place quality education within the reach of willing minds and natural talents.

Our Pillars of Action

Enabling promising minds

As enablers, we provide a complete learning experience to make the best in you possible.

Building mutual trust

We are as strong as our weakest link, and our destiny is held together as Segians, based on trust.

Doing things differently

We do things differently as we strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

Eligibility Details :

Students must first decide which full-time courses must be pursued. They should consider their academic requirements, career goals plus budget. Apart from the field of study, students also need to assess the level and type of qualification as well as course duration. The should choose institutions if they have required qualifications and English proficiency.


For further information on course requirements or eligibility feel free to reach us at info@aspire.my

I previously graduated with Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering from University Technology Malaysia. I am currently an Engineering Department Manager at Intel Kulim. After 9 years in the Engineering field, with 5 years of first line management experience, I decided to pursue an MBA programme to further expand my knowledge and skills. I chose the University of Sunderland MBA programme offered at SEGi College Penang as it is recognised as one of the best UK MBA twinning programmes available. My management experience in the engineering environment made me realise the need to improve my knowledge in important areas such as operations management, organisational development, product management and business development research. I also acquired knowledge of profit and loss accounting, understanding balance sheets and also areas of advertising, marketing, branding and public relations - all of which were thoroughly covered in the programme. The knowledge I acquired in the programme gave me a boarder perspective and more critical understanding of my current responsibilities and my role in achieving and exceeding targets. The MBA programme has enhanced and developed my business acumen and improved my communication and team building skills. By acquiring the ability to ‘think outside the box,’ I feel empowered to fulfil my function within the company. This will certainly help prepare me for more responsibilities in the future. I am very grateful and fortunate to have been awarded with Distinction from University of Sunderland and I was promoted to Engineering Department Manager on April 2013 shortly after the completion of my MBA studies. Knowledge is power! Bring it on!

Friiscor Mah Cheng Chai
SEGi College Penang, Business & Accounting
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I pursued my studies in Bachelor of Science in Computing at SEGi College Penang in 2011. I had a great experience as a student of the programme. The strength of the programme is really coursework-based assessments, with several other courses that are mixed exam-based assessments. Our coursework is assessed by University of Greenwich. While pursuing my studies, I had the privilege of meeting with computing students from SEGi University and together, we visited the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Putrajaya and the National Science Museum in Kuala Lumpur. These educational trips have helped me learn beyond the walls of the classroom. Working with supportive faculty members on challenging projects has helped me with my studies and I managed to graduate with First Class Honours. My internship experience with Shinyou Elevator Mfg Sdn Bhd taught me work techniques and ethics, and upon graduation, I was hired as a Sales & Project Engineer at the same company! I will most certainly recommend friends and younger family members to study at SEGi College Penang. Thank you, SEGi!

Koay Shi Gang
SEGi College Penang, Technology & Innovation
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I graduated in year 2012 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology from the American Degree Program at SEGi College Penang. I chose to study Psychology as I strongly believe having psychology knowledge is essential in any career one chooses to pursue. Psychology is the key, the foundation and the understanding to deal with anyone and everyone. Being able to study Psychology under the American Degree Program is an added advantage because the program structure is as such that every individual is given the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas. Learning is not confined to the traditional one-way communication method. The lecturers are very dedicated and involved in ensuring the process of learning is never boring. As a matter of fact, classes are very interesting! Also not forgetting the various activities held all year round by the ADP club, called House of Fayette, and SEGi. My student life can never be this enriching without all these activities which cultivated priceless values in me. With the availability to access and apply for financial loans, this has given me greater conviction that I had made the right choice in studying at SEGi. I did not want to burden my parents with financial worries. I took the PTPTN loan, and with the constant reminder that ‘No hard work ever goes unpaid’, I managed to obtain pretty good results which helped me to convert the loan to a scholarship. My journey in a higher institution of learning can never be more beautiful. As the saying goes, ‘Be yourself. An original is always worth more than a copy’. My time here has successfully moulded me into an individual with character, to be adaptive and also courageous when facing the real working world.

Rosa Goh Wei Fen
SEGi College Penang, American Degree Program
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"Thanks to my lecturers and consistent studying, I made it! Doing assignments and having study groups helped a lot as well. Now I’m rewarded with a High Achievers Scholarship from SEGi." "I enjoyed a really good study experience at SEGi. The lecturers show a lot of care and concern for the students. They took the initiative to ask us if we need any help or whether we understood even before we go to them for help." "I loved the lessons because there were fun activities inside and outside of class. One example was when we went out for a movie and had to write a report about it. I like the library a lot because it is well equipped for research; it’s also well-kept and the books are up-to-date."

Bernadine Lee Suet Teng
SEGi University Kota Damansara, Foundation Studies (Pre-University)
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Ajay Singh Sangwan, an MBA student with USQ at SEGi University was awarded the International Student Award 2012/2013 by USQ. The award is first in SEGi’s history as it is only awarded to students who have achieved a minimum of 6.5 CGPA out of 7 in three semesters in a row or one academic year. The amazing Ajay has been scoring a CGPA of 7 the entire year. Ajay also won a Scholarship of AUD500 due to his outstanding academic achievement.

Ajay Singh Sangwan
SEGi University Kota Damansara, Postgraduate Studies
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